Our History

CDCI Development was born under a need for corporate restricting.

In 1997 CDCI Developments co-founder John Beima started developing websites in early 1996. Shortly after the release of HTML V:2.0.

At that time John was working an independent contractor and quickly moved into developing ecommerce based websites.

In 1998 John teamed up with Affordable Web Pages Inc. out of Decatur Alabama. Under the Affordable Web Pages banner John worked with industry leaders to produce highly specialized websites into the insurance industry and various religious communities. These two very specialized projects quickly developed some very demanding hosting needs, thus Affordable Web Pages, Inc. branched into data center development.

The data center maintained Affordable Web Pages Inc. philosophy of delivering an affordable hosting options. This gave birth to $3.75 Hosting and late The VPS Data Center.

Given our success story, other companies approached Affordable Web Pages Inc. for assistance in designing and maintained their own data centers. It has only exploded out from there.

Over time these diverse services and growth have taken our team members in many directions; which over time developed into an administrative mess. Restructuring was drastically needed.

That brings us to the birth of Affordable Professional Services Inc. in February of 2012 and CDCI Development Inc. in September of 2013.

All IT and Data Center Services are now performed by Affordable Professional Services Inc. All Software and Internet development is now done by CDCI Development Inc.

This new structure has allowed each company to focus and grow doing what it does best. Providing affordable personal professional service to our clients.

We are extremely happy to be able to provide your company with the quality personal service it deserves.