Custom Designed Artwork

When anyone develops a website using an existing platform they run into several challenges. The first challenge is how to achieve the an appealing and beautiful appearance using the basic layout provided. Your website should accurately reflects your business, and maintain your “Corporate Brand”.

Products like WordPress use what is referred to as “Themes”, many other systems call them “Templates”. These themes are graphical skins you wrap around your site to to change the design and layout of the site to better represent you and your “Brand”.

There are many companies on The Internet that are happy to sell you a “Theme” or “Template” for what might seem to be a reasonable fee.

However, in most cases these themes need to be customized to your overall look and fell. Themes need to be tailored or adapted to you and your application. Brand colors, logos, and typography often need to be changed in order to match your existing brand.

For Custom Designed Project, a custom “Theme” or “Template” is needed.

We have partnered with some very talented Graphic Artists and Visual Designers that can help create the exact look and feel your site deserves forĀ a reasonable fee.

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