Marketing is one of the most overlooked concepts in website development.

Many people believe their company is a “destination” company. What we mean by this is a company that people will actively seek like Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, or Sony.

Contrary to popular belief when you put a website online, search engines and directory services have no idea who you are, where you are, or what you do. Until you market you will not get any traffic.

Another challenge with online marketing, is the wrong approach or thought process as it pertains to your website.

Your website as an additional location, not an extension of an existing physical location. Consider your website as a franchise location of your existing location or locations. When thought of as a stand alone location, a website requires its own budget for handling the costs of marketing the location.

Your web presence will only succeed if you can conceptualize the site as a separate physical location.

There are many ways to market your online presence.

Traditional Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingSearch Engine Optimzation (SEO) / Organic Search Engine ListingsSocial Media Marketing

Each of the above methods brings something to the table. For more information on each one, please click on the buttons above.

We work with several highly specialized companies to assist you. Marketing needs to be done right, and we have found the people to do that for you.

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