Search Engine Optimzation (SEO) / Organic Search Engine Listings

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Organic Search Engine Listings can produce incredible results for your company if done correctly. Every SEO plan is custom making the process extremely complicated and time consuming. If you would like to learn the mechanics behind how this works, please view the “How Search Engines List Websites” page for more information.

Search Engine Optimization is a method of preparing your the content of your website or sites so it will be automatically indexed by various search engines or directory services. This process is called “Organic Listings”. It is “organic” because there is no manual intervention. The search engine or directory service is invited to “crawl”, “look at”, or “index” the site and it is done automatically behind the schemes.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Organic Search Engine Listings campaigns are often very slow to show results. You need to be prepared for a 8-9 month campaign before expecting any serious results or return on investment. SEO does not produces instant or quick results. You need to dedicate time for an SEO campaign to take effect.

Additionally, once you start to see the results, you need to maintain the momentum. An effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Organic Search Engine Listings campaign must be maintained, sometimes evenly weekly, in order to produce effective and consistent results. The ever-changing, dynamic nature of the search marketing industry requires constant diligence.

This method of marketing is very costly, sometimes frustrating, and not always the best answer for every company.

Why do you need to do Search Engine Optimization?

Content is the most important thing. Many pages, filled with real and proper content.

A web page that is rich in images may look very nice to the human eye, but to a search engine or directory service robot it may look a series of unrelated content.

  1. The process of “optimizing” your website for search engine or directory service listings prepares the pages of your website for a “robot” to come out and read them. Structuring the layout of the site and the content correctly makes it easier for these robots to examine and understand your site.
  2. The next step is to constantly add content to the site on existing pages or using new pages. Search engines track when and how often a site changes; these changes can initiate a re-index / re-crawl of your the site. The more often a search engine has to update its listing for your site, the higher it ranks your site.

What does this all mean? Every page on your website should have real content on it, or as much as possible. Real descriptions for your products or services. Put as much in place as you can.

Once this is done, add to it. Add one or more pages weekly if you can. This can also be achieved by adding a blog to your site.

The more content you put on, the more often it is added to, and the more optimized it is for automatic indexing by the search engines or directory services the higher you will rank in search results.

There is a down side to this. Let’s use plumbers as an example. In every major city there is probably hundred’s of plumbers. Obviously not everyone can be in the top 10 search results.

Think about when you search for something, how many pages of search results do you look at? One maybe two?

This means once several companies start to optimize their site, what you have done simply gets lost in the numbers of companies doing it.

Again it boils down to quality, quantity, and frequency of your content. The marketing and business development teams are your allies here—you want to ensure that your SEO objectives are based on the overall business and site objectives, both long- and short-term.

Many industries are very over saturated, so you cannot rely solely on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Organic Search Engine Listings to market your online presence.

When you decide to pick a company to do your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Organic Search Engine Listings make sure you work with a reputable company. Choose a company that offers legitimate services and has a proven track record of success. If you would like some more information on this please see our “How To Choose A Search Engine Optimization Company” page.

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