We offer a very wide range of online development services. In most cases this will be a website, be it for your customers/clients or for internal staff use.

Starter Website Package

For start-up companies, companies that are just branching online, or even companies that simply want to restart their website from scratch we offer a starter website package. This is a starter website produce with the WordPress content management system or CMS for short. Please see the “Starter Website Package” page for more information on these types of sites.

Basic Website Package

If you are looking to build your company a basic website, we would either use simple HTML or a Content Management System (“CMS”) like WordPress. Please see the “Basic Website Package” page for more information on these types of sites.

Advanced Website Package

Advanced Website Package have additional needs; this can be as straight forward as needing a module to integrate into an existing site or an entirely custom solution tailored to your needs.

Integrating additional components into a basic website proves value-added services. Effective websites integrate many software packages/sections into a larger cohesive site. We can provide the following components to enhance a basic company website:

  • Database Driven Catalog of Products
  • Ecommerce Options
  • Blog
  • Memberships
  • Database Driven Photo Galleries
  • Customer Support Centre/Portal

The options are limitless here; custom solutions are available. Please see the “Advanced Website Package” page for more information.

Custom Developed Projects

CDCI Development was originally formed to work on a specific Enterprise Level custom project. It has since grown to take on other projects.

Please see the “Cusom Developed Projects” page for more information.

Custom Designed Artwork

As all of us know, there are hundreds of thousands of website themes and templates available for purchase. Choosing a template, and utilizing the template for your website can be challenging. Consider the following questions before purchase:

  • Does it look how you wanted it to or expected it to?
  • How do you edit the header and footer sections to include your company information?
  • Does your logo just fit in and is it proportionate to the layout?
  • Are their regions you don’t use, or regions that you need?

Need help installing your template? Unsure which one to choose? Having trouble adapting a purchased design? We can help, we offer “Custom Designed Artwork“.

Ecommerce Projects

If your putting together an online store, we have experience with with X-Cart, Interchange (Formally MiniVend), and Majento.

Learn more about “Ecommerce Projects“.


Many people are under the misconception that if you build a website for your company “they will come”. This is not the case at all.

It is very important to properly market your site. Find out more about “Marketing Online“.